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AlbertaBea 06-07-2013 09:57 PM

The Market
Hi Polyamorous People :-)

Tonight my friend/former lover and I are attending an event called "The Market" at the Seattle Center for Sex Positive Culture. I'm not from Seattle, but I have a partner and familiarity here so, since I'm visiting, I think I'll go to this event!


I've never been to something with a description like this before. For those of you uninterested in clicking on the link, it says:
"The Market is a wonderful, monthly party for people seeking new partners for play, sex or dating.

We'll have customizable name tags to make it easy to flag what you're looking for. Still not sure about making that first move? We have ways of making you talk...

There will be a semi-private make-out corner for getting to know each other a little better. Light play is permitted.

This is a pansexual party that caters to both the monogamous and polyamorous communities.

Dress for first impressions...

Meet Market is open to the public. It is a great chance for adults 18+ to learn more about the Center for Sex Positive Culture (tm)."
Tell me about your experiences attending this type of event! I've never been to a play party or anything, although once I attended a cuddle party fundraiser for SWOP in San Francisco. I have a feeling this will be somewhat different... Maybe testing the water for my first play party? I'm excited!

ImaginaryIllusion 06-07-2013 11:52 PM

Can't offer much in terms of such parties, but I have been down to the CSPC on a couple occasions. They strike me as very organized and well run, and as you can see from their description they are very specific about outlining expectations and guidelines for their events.

Have a blast!

Anneintherain 06-08-2013 03:07 AM

I'm guessing it's started/starting by now, but if you go to the CSPC again and have questions, I'd suggest posting on fetlife's group for it, where you'll be much more likely to find local people who've been to the particular event you're curious about to answer quickly (they have so many damn events that are so different from each other, and that's not one I've been to).

nycindie 06-10-2013 12:46 AM

Such a thing wouldn't appeal to me in the least as a participant, but I might want to attend as an observer, if I thought I'd feel welcome.

I've found that the people I've met who label themselves as "sex-positive" are quite dogmatic and judgmental. They seem to disapprove of anyone who isn't into every possible sexual act there is, and who might have a preference that excludes one thing or another. Heaven forbid you are not into kink or tantra. Or if you're straight. It's like they think if you're not into "anything goes," you're uptight and narrow-minded, and they pity you. That's why I always call that crowd "so-called sex-positive." I don't consider them very positive or welcoming in general. Maybe that's just how it is in New York?

I prefer the way things used to be, when people truly were positive about sex without slapping a label on how they are or making it into an identity. <shrug>

I'd be interested to read your update on how it went.

RainyGrlJenny 06-10-2013 08:44 PM

When I was first exploring my sexuality in general, and my bisexuality in particular, I found the CSPC really helpful! I went to a lot of workshops, some parties, the young adult group (which I've outgrown, so sad!), and a diabetes support group there. In fact, this is where I first really encountered polyamory and began to identify as such (more or less). I discovered some things I really liked, and some that didn't appeal at all, and it was a great resource. I'm not a member anymore, primarily because they skew towards kinky folk, and I'm pretty damn vanilla, but I think it's an amazing organization and an asset to the community. I found everyone there to be supportive and friendly, and perfectly willing to let me watch or participate according to my desires.

Hope you had a good experience!

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