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DaJaye74 06-02-2013 10:40 PM

I am J, LadySFIs SO. You will learn all about our situatuion by reading her posts. I am part of a triad and after 13 years of monogamy. LadySFI has a Boyfriend D, and I am currently looking for a girlfriend due the fact that we live 5 hrs from each other in different cities. I am looking forward to posting with my questions and concerns. My main focus is to learn how not to interfere with her relationships while maintaining a strong family unit. Hope to hear from you all.

J: Husband
LadySFI: Wife of 13 yrs

kdt26417 06-03-2013 12:14 AM

Greetings DaJaye74,
Welcome to our forum.

I see three of the threads started by LadySFI:

New in TX
Someone tell me it works
My husband is moving faster than I am!

I have read two of them so I am somewhat familiar with your situation. Sounds like you live quite a ways away from LadySFI. That's rough; any chance the two of you will move closer together?

Hope we can be of some help; let us know of the questions and concerns that you have.

Kevin T.

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