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longgone 05-28-2013 03:39 PM

Our Journey into Polyamory
I figured I'd share our journey into polyamory with everyone here. I went into it a bit in my introduction thread a few days ago after I joined the site, and I'll probably go more into detail later, but for now, I kind of wanted to share the story so far.

My partner and I have been together for over five years, and up until a year ago when she decided she wanted to experiment with men, we were monogamous. The monogamy worked for us. We were happy, emotionally and physically fulfilled. We brought a male friend of ours into our relationship, and at first it was purely for sex. Afterwards, we started to expand our sex lives to include a swinger's club, which we still occasionally go to. The physical side of it was amazing and we met some really great people, but the purely physical nature of it wasn't particularly fulfilling or intimate. We started seeing a girl from that club (who had become our guy's sorta/kinda girlfriend) and a younger lesbian couple who used to be members outside of the club, and we realized that... holy crap, these people don't just feel like friends to us. Especially our guy - he was a full fledged boyfriend at that point. We even had plans for him to move in with us before we realized our feelings for him.

We all sat down and talked and we realized that he felt the same way. We had a little love triangle going, and his sorta/kinda girlfriend said that she was interested in giving polyamory a try. The young lesbian couple was all aboard as well.

We might not be 'in love' with each of them, but we have a great deal of genuine affection for them, and I think that's a beautiful thing. It's not just about sex now, it's about something more that's really hard to explain. The sex is just a really, really awesome bonus to the entire thing.

We're very lucky to have each other, and I feel lucky to have found this site because it's a place where I can share all of this.

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