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Dagferi 05-24-2013 11:25 PM

My So Called Poly Life
Just a blog for me to write about my mostly boring life.

Today was just one of those days I probably should have skipped.

I have just been more of a snarky bitch than usual. Butch started the ball rolling. He felt the need to try and change the rules in the middle of the game. I understand he was feeling insecure and put out on Wednesday night when Murf spent the night. I know he doesn't like to sleep in the spare room and I appreciate the fact that when I lost my babysitter that he said well Murf will just have to come spend the night here when you have to be here for the kids. Deciding 4 months into the arrangement that he doesn't want to continue that was not fair. The reason I feel is because his other relationship fell apart. He is miserable so he projected it onto us.

I will admit I was cold as ice towards him today, and he has since reverted back with the rule that Murf can not stay the weekend here. Which I am fine with. Hell I would be very happy to sleep between the two of them but Murf would be creeped out by that.

Poor Murf got it from me too today. I was doing some paperwork last night for my boss and had Facebook up side by side. Well in my feed it show Murf is now friends with Lisa well Lisa looks young... Well she is she was born in 91. We are 39. I can see no reason why he would friend her. They do not work together. She isn't in his car club or etc. Now I will admit I can be jealous. We are in a closed V. I know it sounds hypocritical. I wasn't happy. We they had a mutual friend or two and he added her. She then started chatting to him and bluntly asked what he was looking for in a woman. He brushed her off... When I explained why I was upset he understood.

Other than that life is pretty boring. My youngest son was having issues in Kindergarten and I had given permission to hold him back. Well that boy caught himself up and is going on to first grade. He will need some occupational therapy since he is having trouble with his handwriting. He wants to use his whole arm to write and wants to switch hands often. He also has a tremor. Well so do I, my father, my grandmother.... it never hindered me I was a sharp shooter in the Army, I play the violin, they trusted me with needles as vet tech, and I was a Dog Groomer for over a decade.

My oldest son is same as always. A good kids who stays out of trouble.

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