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Maleficent 05-21-2013 10:57 AM

New to the boards, new-ish to poly life
Hi everyone! I wanted to say hello and introduce myself.

I'm a woman, married to my husband for 14 years. We have 3 kids. About two years ago we started talking about trying same room/soft swap to add to our sex life and quickly discovered that was not for us.

I've always been attracted to other women. So when I met my now girlfriend I was almost instantly hit with strong feelings. We became best friends overnight. She was ending an unhappy marriage and my husband and I quickly stepped up to help her with her four kids.

Feelings grew. My husband always joked that I could fool around with another woman if I wanted to but this was not fooling around. So after long talks with him, with her, and with the three of us we are giving a three way relationship a shot.

We had to move away from her last July. (Military). It's been so hard but very fulfilling at the same time. Not having a physical relationship has done amazing things for our emotional relationship. All three of us have been able to talk about what we want and what we need. How to care for the kids. If all goes well we plan to join our families when my husband retires in a few years.

So that's the short version. :)

I'm looking forward to talking with people who are understanding of our unconventional relationship. If you want to know anything about me just ask. Ill see you around the boards.

FullofLove1052 05-21-2013 01:21 PM

Welcome to the forum.

I hope you find it useful, and good luck on your new journey. Some of the people here are helpful, and there is plenty of information around. Feel free to read the threads, offer advice, and ask questions, if you so desire.

I hope all is well with you and your loves.


kdt26417 05-23-2013 12:29 AM

Greetings Maleficent,
Welcome to our forum.

Long-distance relationships are hard, but it sounds like you're making the best of it. I'm sure you'll all be glad to get back together when your husband retires. (Will you then have seven kids in a combined household? That would be quite a clan. :))

There's so much to share and learn on this site; have a look at our various threads and see what calls to you. I'm glad you could join us.

Kevin T.

Maleficent 05-23-2013 10:56 AM

Yes, the long distance relationship is tough. We'd love to have them all with us now but don't want to uproot the kids any more than nessisary. I had a few days off work this week so I flew in to spend some time with her. It's been heavenly!

Four years will hopefully have the three oldest kids off to college. So maybe the house won't be quite as crowded. We just won't have a dime to our names with three tuitions. :)

Until we can all be together we plan to visit as often as we can. We are vacationing together this summer, the kids are pumped!

kdt26417 05-23-2013 08:54 PM

That's cool. I hope you have much good times during your Summer trip.

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