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Marie 05-18-2013 10:55 PM

Canadian study on diversification of intimate relationships
Hi everyone,

I am a graduate student in sexology at UQAM. As part of my research project, I seek to explore non-monogamous and polyamorous relationships. More specifically, Iím trying to explore sexual agreements and to describe the structure of polyamorous relationships. I think it is important to recognize all type of intimate relationships.

My memory is part of a larger Canadian study on the diversification of sexual and intimate relationships named SMITíN (Sexuality and Modern Intimate Ties and Networks).

I joined this group because I am interested in learning more about polyamorous relationships. Also, I would like to invite Canadian polyamourous to participate to our study. If you choose to respond to our survey, you have to know that all your answers will be transmitted anonymously to a database. There will be no personal information that would allow your identification and no data will be collected without your knowledge. Your IP and email addresses will not be included in the data and there will be no cookies installed on your computer.

To participate in the recognition of diversity, click here: www.epris-smitten.ca

For any questions, concerns or comments, do not hesitate to contact the research team: smitten@uqam.ca. I am also available if you want to post your questions here.

Thank you for your participation and for adding me to this group.

Marie-France Goyer, B.A. sexology
Masters Candidate in sexology at UQAM

If you want to share this study to your network, here is a short message you could use:
Canadian swingers, polyamorists or monogamists, we want to hear from you! Contribute to the recognition of diversity in responding to our online survey. It's simple, fast and anonymous! [www.epris-smitten.ca]

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