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DBannister 05-14-2013 03:05 PM

Wrong Name!
Hi everyone, first post here.

My wife and I recently realized we were polyamorous (after swinging had not given us what we were looking for) and decided to open our marriage to polyamory. We hoped we would find a triad or quad, but having done the research on responsible non-monogamy we did not expect to.

We did! Another polyamorous couple, in fact. All four of us are building romantic relationships with each other, and it's working fantastically so far...but so much work!!!

So, last night in my sleep I rolled over and spooned up to my wife, kissed her on the neck, and called her the wrong name. Oops! She woke me up, laughed and told me what I did.

There doesn't seem to be any hurt feelings, though I may get picked on about it.

Anyone else experience this? Is it common? How do you deal with it if feelings *do* get hurt?

GalaGirl 05-14-2013 03:24 PM


Anyone else experience this? Is it common?
Yep. Called lover by other lover's name before. Usually when sleepy/post sex goofy.


How do you deal with it if feelings *do* get hurt?

And like yours? Mine just laughed. Didn't expect a sleepy/sex goofy person to make full woken sense.


SouthernFirefly 05-14-2013 07:12 PM

Yup! It's happened here.

No biggie. It happens and we all love each other. I'm in a quad as well.

I've actually rolled over, in the middle of the night, and felt his face to see which guy it was. :D

pollyanna 05-14-2013 09:29 PM

oh, yes. my beloved husband called me his ex-wife's name more than once (and once during sex...oh, yeah...he did). I cried and carried on and stomped and acted like a complete psychobitch over that slip of the tongue.

The last time he did...I looked at him and said 'from now on, every time you call me XXX, I will be taking $1000 out of your bank account and paying myself punitive damages'.

darn it, he won't call me that for nuthin now! I was planning a nice vacation for myself. :P

LovingRadiance 05-14-2013 10:07 PM

Yes-and now that my daughter is grown, I frequently mistakenly call her by my sisters name too. :)

nancyfore 05-14-2013 11:36 PM

Yes, I call my kids by the name of another one of the kids, and the kids have called me teacher, and the step mom's name..lol

It happens.. no worries...

Dagferi 05-15-2013 12:31 AM

I was thinking about my boyfriend the other day. The dog went to do something and I called him by my boyfriends name. My husband was in the kitchen too and he just cracked up. He says well I know who you are thinking about.

The dog looked at me like I was an idiot.

Cleo 05-15-2013 06:14 AM

my husband sometimes absent mindedly says something to me in the language he shares with his GF (she's from another country). I always look at him and smile and say 'Wrong girl, honey'.

nycindie 05-15-2013 09:51 PM

It happens and isn't uncommon. Already another thread about this topic here: He accidentally called me by his other girlfriend's name...

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