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polyt 01-03-2011 07:24 AM

Michiganian Poly (:
Hii, I'm Tori. I recently discovered polyamory a few months ago and since became somewhat involved with a darling married couple. I've known I was bisexual since I was young. Depending on the day, I'm either extremely shy or extremely bubbly. Either way, I try to be very friendly.

P.S. Happy New Year :D

Somegeezer 01-03-2011 12:33 PM

Welcome to the forum. =] Wow, another 18 year old eh? I do love seeing more people around my own age on here. ^_^ Feel free to send a PM my way if ever you need to talk one to one. Enjoy!

polyt 01-04-2011 04:05 AM

Awesome. It is cool to see another 18 year old. :D

eklctc 01-06-2011 01:43 AM

I look forward to watching your journey. Newly poly and newly involved with a married couple, huh? There's a lot to be experienced so keep us posted.

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