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specialsauce 04-28-2013 06:39 PM

Greetings from NC
I'm a size 8 SBF, never married, childless by choice and necessity, a cat lover, Europhile, chocoholic, fitness freak, nature girl, part-time vegetarian, health nut, and very creative type (2 films in editing, 12 screenplays ready to be produced) so relocation to the West is definitely in my future. I have profiled here and sisterwives before with little success, but I decided to give both the old college try.

I am able to relocate after June 1; I am more interested in the West Coast due to my screenwriting/filmmaking endeavors.

What's important: must be compatible with some of the same interests; i.e. cat lovers a must! I am into books, working out, gourmet meals, travel, and intellectual conversations. People who aren't well educated would probably find me intimidating (I've faced such issues in the past).

Deal breakers: overweights. I am simply not attracted to fat folks. Prefer couples with a female close to my own age so that we be friends. Prefer older guys, 40s/50s. Too many kids make me nervous - 1 or 2 are fine. No drugs, smokers, or heavy drinkers please.

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