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Lioness 12-30-2010 06:02 AM

A need to figure it out...
Okay, so I wanted to start one of these forum blog things... Never blogged on a forum before, so bear with me... bare?


Mr. Lion and I recently added another to our Pride. From reading the forum posts I have found that we're currently in a V relationship. It will NEVER be a triad, because both my Big ol' cats are very straight...

Maybe I should keep up the cute terms and call BF Tiger ;P. I digress...

I am not sure what terminology should be used to describe the following- Mr. Lion and I are in love, married, and have kids. Tiger and I are really good friends, very attracted to each other, but won't be crossing that "romance" line. I have no idea what the future holds. Right now, Tiger and I don't want to cross the romance line.

Some background:

Mr. Lion - He is 10 years older than me. This is his second marriage. He and The Ex have 2 kids. Our relationship is based on truth, like it or not, truth, all the time truth. We talk about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING and it has done WONDERS. Best relationship I have ever had... In fact seeing us so happy, Tiger wasn't sure why in the world we wanted to add him- the answer = FUN! Mr. Lion is a geek, smartest guy I know, a good dad, and I LOVE HIM :eek:!

Tiger - He is 2 years younger than me. Never been married. Before me, he hadn't been in a sexual relationship in 8 years. Great friend... And I have apparently spoiled him, and converted him to the whole "Open Relationship" life style. I -think- he has commitment issues, but I am not 100% sure. He is usually pretty indifferent about things, so figuring things out is sometimes tough.

Lioness - I am an artist, and a total geek. I am in love with my husband, and adore my BF. I like to make my boys happy. I have 1 child with Mr. Lion, might have more later. Until this, I have always been mono. I have never been IN LOVE with 2 people at once, attracted to more than 1 at a time, I have done a lot though :o

The Pride - Like I said, this is a V... but I'm not in love with Tiger... so what does that make us? We'd like to add a Tigress and make this a Swing relationship... but how does the commitment factor in? Right now Tiger is committed to not fooling around elsewhere without warning (out of STD concerns), but we're not in love.

This is all complicated and confusing... but I am having a blast so far. The couple bumps in the road have been scary during the turbulence, but afterward they are small and we have handled them well.

I think I will stop rambling, and go look for answers in the other sections of the forum :p


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