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alternativevirgo 04-25-2013 05:43 PM

ARRRRGGGGG (venting)
Hello all.

So I'm new to poly relationships and the first person I was with since my husband and I decided to act on how we've been feeling is leaving me all kinds of loopy in the heart/brain.

This person (M) is someone I've been attracted to for a few months and my (apparently obvious) attraction to him is what prompted my husband and I to explore polyamory. My husband has been in poly relationships when he was younger, so he's more comfortable with the dynamics. I am comfortable with the dynamics as well, but the person in question apparently is not.

That didn't stop him from becoming sexually involved (no intercourse) with me, and then backing away, and getting sexually involved (no intercourse) with me again, and then deciding he wants to put this relationship "on hold" because he's in a "weird place". Oh and we finally had intercourse with me AFTER putting this on hold, makes out with me last week, and now has a date with a girl we both know, who I get the feeling isn't into the whole poly thing. I feel like an idiot for even going after him.

I haven't dated in four years since meeting my husband, but I know when someone is jerking me around/doesn't know what he wants so my emotions are collateral damage while he figures stuff out.

Like if being polyamorous isn't your thing, that's cool. But don't be all wishy washy about it. Just because I'm married, doesn't mean that rejection doesn't still hurt. And do you need to flirt right in front of me??? That's not nice.

Is this normal for you guys or did I just pick a lemon?

CherryBlossomGirl 04-25-2013 05:53 PM

No Lemonade to be Had There!
I'd say you picked a lemon. I've gone through this exact scenario, and find that people who have been mono most of their lives have a hard time wrapping their heads around poly, or even seriously considering integrating it into their core.

I have found that releasing attachment & expectation, slowing down pacing, and exploring connections with more than one person has been helpful for me. When I pin all my desires on one person it's way worse than if I'm lightly dating a couple of people to see if there's true potential there.

I have been in that exact same scenario, and had to step away from it and move on for my own happiness, no matter how into him I was.

NutBusterX 04-25-2013 06:06 PM

Hi :)
First of all, you're not an idiot. You wanted to pursue him. You went with your idea. That's an achievement. The not working out part? psssh Those happen. You wouldn't have any way to know without giving it a try and you did. Be proud of that.

Maybe he thought he could do poly. Maybe he even wanted to. I don't know him so i can only speculate on his thoughts. Maybe he is a lemon. Lemon's happen too.

Keep your wits about you, process your feelings, and go find a tangerine or a huckleberry or even a pineapple. There's all kinds of wonderful fruits and vegetables out in the world :)

nancyfore 04-25-2013 09:07 PM

Hey there...

I'm sorry your hurting.. He sounds like a child... I'd not bother with him again, and he may very well try to engage you in a relationship again if this new girl doesn't work out. Stay strong and find someone who will treat you the way you want to be treated...


Guardian 04-29-2013 06:45 PM

I think it's great that you know when to abandon ship, it seems to be a hard step for many people to take. As for the type of produce that man happens to be, he is simply a bit rotten. Most guys are of a much better nature, and as I understand you have your husband around so you know at least one guy is worth while out there. :)

As for my opinion, try not to beat yourself up over him, he is not worth it frankly, and life will move on just fine without him. No one likes to have their chain jerked, or to be strung along, though it does hurt to leave things behind, remember your better of for getting out of there quickly than waiting around in blind hope whilst pain builds up. Ya done good, and you have our support here on this forum, of Course.

~Ich :p

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