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Setxfamily 12-21-2010 02:43 AM

Houston, TX area of this small world
We are a family that lives just outside the Houston, TX area. He is currently 42 and she is 36 (ages are subject to change over time the sex will stay the same).

We have 2 kids 3 cats and 1 dog and we live in a quiet and city close to the sea with a wonderful school district. We are looking to form a MFM or MMF relationship with a compatible fellow(s) if everyone clicks. Families and other couples are welcome as well expecially if you have children.

We are also always open to making new friends and we have a pretty privacy in and around our house with a mostly private backyard so we can all enjoy ourselves and relax. Currently she is a full time mom and student working her way towards her BS degree in teaching. Hubby works as an Environmental investigator specializing in residential issues.

Our hobbies include cooking, camping, the SCA, history, model trains, knitting, and so much more. We are a pretty normal looking family that just enjoys spending time with others and making new friends. We will write more as we work on this we really hate talking about ourselves and it is nto really easy to discride yourslef in words.

Today349 12-29-2010 03:37 AM

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I just joined tonight, and though I live in Fort Worth, I am in Houston about once a month to visit my nephew, wife and going-on-3 kids, his in-laws.
I'm currently unattached, though I am about to broach a first conversation with a woman about my attraction to her; she has been giving me signs of interest for some time, and I am concerned she may want to keep any further connection secret from her husband. As appealing as she is, I can't be dishonest, which is my inconvenient truth. Just when things could be warming!
So, I just wanted to say, Hi!, and would enjoy hearing your take on the poly experience.
I look forward to hearing from you,

Setxfamily 12-29-2010 06:48 PM

If she is unwilling to broach the subject to her husband you might what to find out why. If all parties are not in agreement that it is not a true poly-relationship. Where we are sure your intentions aare true hers may not. We recommend that you find out m ore on what is going on before preceeding further.

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