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NutBusterX 04-10-2013 03:53 AM

I'm very pleased to be amongst your company.
My name is Jim. I am very happily married to nancyfore. We are a poly couple. I am 41.

I suppose i was poly long before i knew there was a name for it. I am fortunate to have found a wonderful wife who has patiently educated me and encouraged me. I was reluctant to embrace it and act on it, at first. I believed that i believed in monogamy. I had practiced well for many years forcing myself into a mono shaped box, and feeling guilty that i wanted more. The excerpt below is from a poem called "Courage" by an unknown author that strikes me as appropriate;
Courage is the strength to stand up When it's easier to fall down and lose hold. It is the conviction to explore new horizons When it's easier to believe what we've been told.

My reluctance has given way to a new understanding of myself, and i feel complete and valid. I am poly and very proud to say so.

I am grateful to have a wonderful and strong partner to explore with. I am grateful for the lessons i learn every day. I am grateful for the partners we have each had, and the ones we will have. I am grateful for this forum, and the wisdom of its contributors.

Thank you all for all you provide. Thank you for being kind and welcoming. Thank you for being like me.

Marvin 04-10-2013 04:46 AM

Welcome Jim
I can completely understand your position- I was raised in a very stereotypical mono environment. Initially I felt both guilty and satisfied in my relationship with my ladies. While convention told me I was wrong my heart told me it was right. Luckily for me I followed my heart and today share my life and love with two very special women, without whom I would be nowhere near the man i am today.

kdt26417 04-10-2013 10:22 PM

Greetings NutBusterX,
Welcome to our forum.

I like your excerpt from the poem. We certainly have to go against the flow in order to try anything that happens to be poly. Hopefully people will eventually become more accepting of it.

I remember nancyfore, I just recently read one of her posts. I am glad that both of you guys are here.

Hope you will enjoy your stay and post often,
Kevin T.

choctaw103 04-11-2013 01:45 AM

Hi Jim, I am also a Jim, nice to meet you and it is nice to be around people who have similar views and ideals.

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