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EthicalSlut 04-07-2013 08:27 AM

Hello and Thanks!
Hi all,

Thanks for accepting me as part of this forum for Polyamory! My name is Mike and my good friend Ben has obtained the rights to the world famous Polyamory guidebook "The Ethical Slut"! He has won awards for his previous web-series "Cynthia Watros gets lost" and now plans on making a web-series based on the guidebook filmed in Madison, WI. this summer. The first season will be 12 episodes each about 10 minutes long. Ben has tasked me with reaching out to the polyamory communities so at the very least we could get some ideas and insight into some things this community would like to see portrayed in the Web-series based on the book "The Ethical Slut".

We have also started a kickstarter campaign to raise some money to pay for good talent, and other cost associated with filming.


There are some really cool rewards, especially to anyone that has a close connection with this book and most of them are really affordable. For instance you can become an on-screen extra to playing a role in the series yourself. There is even a level to receive recognition as an Executive Producer!

Like I said, If you can't join the kickstarter campaign, at the very least we would really appreciate if this community could give some input or ideas you think are worth exploring in the series, I would love to hear them as well! I'm sure "The Ethical Slut" has a lot of significant meaning or has helped some of you along the way in your quest for successful Polyamorous living. Nows your chance to help it continue to stay in the spotlight and to help others!

Thank you and I hope to hear from some members of the community. Feel free to message me anytime.


kdt26417 04-08-2013 12:23 AM

Hi Mike,

I have listed some of the things I'd like to see covered in the web series. You can find my lists via the following link:


It is in the new thread you started in the Press and media coverage board.

Kevin T.

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