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ImaginaryIllusion 03-29-2013 12:57 AM

[Study] Canadian Study on Poly, Mono, Swinging, Participants requested.
A new study underway looking for Canadian Participants!


Canadian swingers, polyamorists or monogamists, we want to hear from you! Contribute to the recognition of diversity in responding to our online survey. It's simple, fast and anonymous! www.epris-smitten.ca


The Sexuality and Modern, Intimate Ties and Networks (SMITíN) project is designed to better document the intimate and sexual relationships in Canada.

Nowadays, non-cohabiting couples, same-sex couples, non-sexually exclusive couples appear alongside monogamous, heterosexual couples. These phenomons can be explained by the changes in societal values and individual needs. As very little data is available, further exploration is still needed.

By collecting data about your experience, the SMITíN project will hopefully shed light on these changes!

The SMITíN project has been approved by the research ethics board of our institution.
Feedback for this study so far has been positive.

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