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Tsukune 03-21-2013 01:27 AM

Salutations :)
Hello. My name is Tsukune, obviously this isn't my real name. I'm in my 20's and male

I joined this forum to find people I can talk to, and hopefully make some friends. I've recently entered my first poly relationship. I am the "other" in the relationship. That is to say I'm the new person in a previously monogamous relationship. I've been friends with both for over a year now. The poly part just sort of happened. Me and her started developing feeling for each other months ago.

Anyways I'll talk more about that stuff in another post.

Hoping to make friends,

kdt26417 03-21-2013 02:36 PM

Greetings Tsukune,
Welcome to our forum.

Sounds like we have something in common in the way we started out with poly: I was also the "newcomer" in an already-established marriage. She and I got to know each other well and confessed feelings for one another. After that she did some research and found out about poly. She talked a lot with her husband and after about a year he was finally able to say yes to the poly idea. We became a V and have been together ever since.

I'm sure you will find yourself in good company here. Check out our various threads, and post more about your situation when you can. (If you put a link to it in this thread, I will follow it. :))

Glad to have you aboard,
Kevin T.

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