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NewGuyUT 11-20-2010 06:38 PM

Hello everyone - New guy here

I'm new to your forum and new to the concept of polyamory. Having ditched religion altogether over the past few years, my wife and I have opened our minds to new things... one of which is polyamory.

We have not experienced anything on that topic but talk about it frequently and I thought this would be a place to learn more, maybe meet some of you socially, and slowly consider taking it to the next step.

Oh, and we live in Utah. Other Utahns, please raise your hands :cool:

Please be gentle! :p

SNeacail 11-20-2010 07:10 PM

Welcome. When I ditched "organized religion" I too was able to open myself and my heart to so much more. I never totally ditched my basic belief in God, but basically started from scratch and now I'm taking the good and rejecting the prejudicial and judgmental stuff.

NewGuyUT 11-20-2010 07:17 PM

^^^ Thanks for your reply. Sounds like a good approach you have. I'm not Atheist but I do have a hard time reconciling the existence of a God with all the suffering I see in the world. Anyway, it still helps me to believe there's someone there :cool:

Somegeezer 11-20-2010 07:33 PM

I never have been religious. I have been polyamorous for as long as I can think of, but only recently began to understand what it is and why i feel this way. =]

eklctc 11-21-2010 04:21 AM

Welcome to the forum, UT. I'm highly spiritual (metaphysical) but never truly believed in the concept of religion, though, I was raised within variou religious denominations and continued to practice through my teens. I've also attempted the monogamous, traditional relationships many times but have, also, always had multipartner relationships in between and after those attempts.

I look forward to watching your journey.

NewGuyUT 11-21-2010 05:30 AM

Thanks for the responses. I think it'll take me a while to understand all the acronyms I see on this site.

Anyway, I look forward to reading your stories and learning more about you all.


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