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Waltzingwig 03-11-2013 07:47 PM

Yours, Waltzingwig...

I'm a 25 Y.O. Atheist, anti-culture, Bi-Man that has a strong taste for breaking the boundaries to find a better truth to things involving love sex and morality. I found a new home in the construct of poly.

So on to the goodies, I started talking to this cute Bi-girl on a dating site, she said she was poly and didn't want to get involved in anyone that wasn't the same cause she had a five committed happy relationships that she wasn't about to leave for anyone.

Naturally I was intrigued in this woman. I expressed interest and before we ever met in person she shared her favorite book concerning poly, "The Ethical Slut" Anti-cultural GOLD MINE btw!

I was like 75 pages in when i already changed my mind on so many cultural standards like jealousy and the starvation economy, the broadness of relationship validity, and the joy of opening your heart to new people without compromising your integrity. So i decided i wanted to get involved in this girl, we started seeing other and we really hit it off, she hits all my buttons like Ringo Starr on the drums (clearly i still have a bit of of puppy love for this girl so bare with me). We see each other allot more than i expected for a poly relationship, and we both realized that this relationship is on the road to becoming a primary relationship, which was a surprise to her, and for me it's a strange introduction to poly given that i started this relationship expecting something much different than what i got.

So on that note I'm here to involve my in the community to so i can take responsibility for my own exposure to Polyamory, and get some perspective from people outside of my relationship to pre-emptivly balance out our experience levels.
Thanks for reading,


kdt26417 03-12-2013 01:21 AM

Greetings Waltzingwig,
Welcome to our forum.

Heh, I'm always happy to meet up with a fellow atheist ... :) ... your anti-culturalism is alright by me.

You've come to a good site and will find a wide range of perspectives here. Have a look around and see what calls to you; post any questions you may have.

Glad to hear your first poly experience has been a good one so far.

Kevin T.

StudentofLife 03-12-2013 05:39 PM

Welcome, and I just wanted to say your user name is about the most awesome ever. :-)

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