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glitteryc00kie 03-08-2013 09:57 PM

F * seex * MM (nyc)
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I'm a 29-year old raven-haired caucasian bi female writer from Brooklyn.

So, I'm queer but not looking for a lady because as I approach my 30s I'm completely boy crazy.

I want two boyfriends ultimately, for a MMF triad.

They should be tall and physically similar, preferably fair-haired, but height trumps haircolor and all dudes around my age will be considered. I just have a preference for tall guys, like 5'11-6'3.

They can be straight, bi-curious, or bisexual. Doesn't matter. They can choose to be involved with each other on whatever level, or not at all, as long as they are willing to both be involved with a sexy, passionate girl like myself. Ideally, they'd hook up with each other too while hooking up with me, but if they don't want to be physically involved with each other directly, that's fine too. Hopefully they'd be into cuddling me from both sides at the very least. THAT IS MY VISION. haha.

Short bio: I'm an advertising copywriter with an MFA in poetry. I like mixed media art, foreign films, and reggae-infused electronic music.


Woodie54 04-30-2013 03:27 PM

New Yorker
Hello,good day ,I am a male from NYC area,and I have read your request and I am very interested in making your wish come through ,so you can contact me if interested,hope to hear from you soon,bye.

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