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jayt 03-06-2013 05:06 PM

A poem (This seems like the best place for this)
I wrote this last night, it shares a little of the energy of a ploy relatiosnhip.

--Darkness-- by JayTilman, March 2013
I moved my hand across the uneven texture of your skin
A slight shudder and goose flesh was your response, I nested my face close into the back of your neck, so you could feel my breath...
-- "I missed you"
I shift, draw you close and tight and place a light kiss near the back of your ear.
-- "I get lonely."
I raised up on one elbow and asked, "Are you lonely now?"
-- "A little." ...your tone was low and flat...
Reflections of moon light allowed, just enought sight to make out your features...
I waited.
Your face turned toward mine and for a moment uncounted, we stared... in silence.
-- "How would you feel? If I was with someone else?"
I thought, measuring the words and your tone and the hour of the night....
I drew a deep sigh,... you raised an eyebrow with a slight twist of your head.
"If, ... you where with someone else, out of spite. I would be angry."
"If you where with someone else, because you like them better than me, I would be sad."
"If you where with someone else, because you loved them I would be jealous."
"If you where with someone else. because you had to find someone else to be with,
I would be ashamed."
"If you wanted them... I would be afraid."
... my voice broke with emotion as I said those last few words...
Your hand moved through the darkness and rested to my cheek, sliding back, your fingertips combing hair into place behind my ear.
Then you turned away, nested your body into a sleeping position and exhaled too loudly.
I leaned close and placed a light kiss on your shoulder. Settled myself against you, with my nose against the back of you neck, so you could feel me breathing.
I tried to think of something... any words I could say. "I miss you." came from my lips.
-- "Good." was all you said in reply.
My eyes searched the darkness of the back of your head...
as if trying to see your thoughts. "I feel lonely for you."
-- "I'm glad you know what it feels like." your voice was small and sad,
The sadness, crushed my heart and I squeezed you tight.
-- "Go to sleep, I'll bitch at you tomorrow." and you squeezed my arm closer with your hand.
I licked my lips to mositen them and placed a kiss on the back of your neck. "I love you."
-- "Tell me that after I bitch."
I smiled in the darkness, rubbed my lips lightly against the back of your neck and thought,
'Yes... I will.'

Malfunktions 03-06-2013 06:01 PM

Soo much feeling!
Captured expertly:)

jayt 03-07-2013 11:29 PM

Thank you

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