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ValerieAOK 02-23-2013 11:19 AM

Married in Minnesota?

I'm Valerie. I'm a married woman looking for a female or couple who would like to have children with me and my husband. We are infertile, and looking for a husband and wife who are not. Eventually we would like to adopt or be foster parents, but we would like to have a chance to raise a baby too.

We are not currently poly, we have never done this before. But we are rational people, we know a family can be more stable the more people you include. We are both bi, and we are both willing to be open. We currently live in northern MN, but will relocate.

My husband and I dream of one day running a family farm, but we don't currently have the land to do it. We do think it would be great to team up with another couple and make an intentional family. I don't have much family and am yearning to know the support and unconditional love of a larger family unit. I know in my heart that this is possible.

We would be open to a single female. We know that is the holy grail though, and honestly we might prefer a couple who is maybe a little more mature then us and maybe a little more experienced with poly or intentional family life.

Would this be a sexual relationship? I'm not sure it would get there. I'm very shy sexually. I can talk sex all day long, but get me in bed and I'm really quite shy. I would like to think with enough open, loving, encouragement, and acceptance, that yes I would like to have more then one person in bed with me. It's just having no experience with this we would more then likely move really slowly.

I hope I've peaked your interest, and your now considering contacting me. If not, I hope you have a great day!

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