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bigkellyna 02-23-2013 12:30 AM

Intro: Straight M for Polyandry MFM
I am a big buoyant guy; freely floating toward the island of my April 2013 weight loss surgical content… the weight I carry will gradually go so, unless I sink, I will rejoin the living and slowly sail toward my dream to inhabit a mythical (so far) tropical paradise. After suffering 20 years of monotgamy, I left the relationship and had a couple of open relationships with some sweetly slutty sweethearts… Being straight, outgoing, and a switch, I enjoy some traditional and some erotic role play around a slender very sexually active bi or straight woman… I tend not to be interested in another as long as my intimacy and sexual needs are fulfilled. I invite like minded people who strive for a spiritual intimate, open and supportive life to cum aboard..

JaneQSmythe 02-25-2013 04:53 AM

I noted your post over in the "Personal Summaries" thread - I'm intrigued by a straight guy who is interested in a polyandrous type set up (MFM vee/triad with straight males involved) - which you mentioned in your summary. Is there a cuckold type interest there? (you don't have to answer - I'm just curious) Or is there a BDSM/kinky component (is that even a different thing?)? (again I am just curious - aside from my penchant for threesomes, of whatever flavor, I don't have much insight into "kink" - but it fascinates me intellectually)

My boys are both straight and our config is a an MFM Vee. Although we do have sex together, live together, and the boys are very close (best friends but not romantically/sexually involved) - I don't know that either one would have sought out this config specifically (as opposed to being happy/satisfied in how it turned out - because it makes ME happy).

Anyway - welcome to the forums, and I hope that your time here is worthwhile and well-spent!


bigkellyna 02-25-2013 06:06 AM

MFM vee/triad
Hmm… All other things being more or less attuned, I have always wanted one woman with a high sex drive in my life… any more than one is unstable we found... I don't like to label things as such, but to answer your question, we incorporated the cuckold and bdsm parts also. I used to manage compatible male roommates for my sweetie, sometimes tying her up and/or blindfolding her occasionally, even mild spanking or caning, nothing heavy… we knew what worked after a time… as long as that part of our life lasted anyway… it just seemed to change focus after a while… I want to experience some of those dynamics again...Rob

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