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GroundedSpirit 10-30-2010 03:11 PM

Dr Phil
Happened to stumble across the Dr Phil show last night. They were having a loaded debate about open marriages/poly etc. There was some guest (lady) with a very Brit/Aussie accent promoting expanded relationships - especially in regards to sex within a marriage (or lack of).

Although I felt most of the debate was loaded and scripted, I was most displeased by the way it allowed Dr Phil to assert dominance over any supposed 'final decision'. That being that it was unsustainable and basically (from his obvious christian bias), simply 'wrong', and hence to be openly condemned. And that anyone seriously involved or contermplating it must be quite literally mentally deranged and in need of serious help !

It's a shame that this type of display of ignorance is allowed to dominate the media circus without space for dissenting views and conclusions.

Oh well...........


sage 10-30-2010 06:30 PM

I agree.

I also think you have to be open-minded and have quite a high level of emotional intelligence to work with polyamory, neither of which abounds in Dr Phil's target audience. Oprah was doing something on Polyamory, it will interesting to see how that turns out, I have more optimism on that front.

Athena 10-30-2010 08:13 PM

Most of what I have seen regarding poly relationships is either sensationalistic for the sake of entertainment, or just plain trying to prove that it is 'wrong' to be poly. There is enough cable bandwidth out there, if there can be all Christian channels, all Jewish channels, all kid channels (the kid channels still put out such puerile prejudiced stuff that teaches people to be corporate drones), surely we could get something going that really contains our point (points) of view in a way that is even family appropriate, and doesn't make us all look like we are religious fanatics who think one man needs eight million wives, but rather people seeking to live in ethical emotionally satisfying groups.

redpepper 10-30-2010 11:49 PM

Do you have a link GS? Sounds exciting. :p

Magdlyn 10-31-2010 01:08 PM

Ugh, hate "Dr" Phil, refuse to ever let his big mustached mug on my screen. My son does a killer imitation of his dopey voice tho, that cracks me up.

I saw a pretty good Tyra show about non-monogamy once. 4 "families" in silk PJs lounging on beds onstage, being interviewed. The couples/triads/quads were articulate and loving, and Tyra was fairly respectful... Even tho she does that rolling of the eyes, head tilt thing, it's more for comic effect than true criticism.

I look more toward celebs like Tilda Swinton and Mo'nique for positive poly promotion, instead of that "I'm not a therapist but play one on TV" douchenozzle pompous Phil person.

GroundedSpirit 10-31-2010 01:50 PM


Originally Posted by redpepper (Post 50871)
Do you have a link GS? Sounds exciting. :p

Well - I did discover who the non-monogamous promoter was. A lady by the name of Holly Hill.

Here's a link that may tell more about her.


At a quick glance, I can't say I feel she's a positive model for expanding relationships or sexual freedom. It seems (at a quick glance/read) that she is more of a control freak than anything. She seems to feel that 'control' is the path to women's empowerment. A philosophy I don't happen to agree with.
I have little respect for power or control approaches to anything. Probably why I have never been able to make any connection to the D/s lifestyle.

But anyway......it really boils down to just more media drama. A buck to be made for someone.


TL4everu2 10-31-2010 03:35 PM

I HATE Dr. Phil....My wife....LOVES him. :rolleyes: I have noticed that she does argue JUST LIKE HIM at times, and often thinks very much like him. She disagrees with his view on poly though.

I think what I dislike about him, is the thought that he portrays, that if you don't agree with him, you are "wrong" and need to seek help, because you are mentally/moraly "messed up".

His goal with this specific show, was to try to discredit those with open marriages or poly relationships....And to try to impose his views on millions of viewers. But isn't that what EVERY talk show host does? It brings in the $$$ by being controversial.

I think Dr. Phil is arrogant, and pompus...but he does make a good point from time to time. And for every time he makes a good point in MY eyes, someone else is thinking he is arrogant and pompus and out of line. Soooo....Much like "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"....Well, this show is similar.

Fidelia 11-01-2010 01:29 AM


Originally Posted by Magdlyn (Post 50903)
. . . that "I'm not a therapist but play one on TV" douchenozzle pompous Phil person.

You say "douchenozzle" like it's a bad thing . . .:rolleyes:

Magdlyn 11-01-2010 01:40 AM

There are douchenozzles, and then there are douchenozzles. Some are bulbous and smooth and feel good. Ordinary ones are kinda pokey and hurty if used too vigorously. :rolleyes:

RGee91 11-01-2010 02:16 AM

Phil's job is to always agree with what the majority of his female christian viewers believe, whether he believes it or not. He just says things he thinks they'll agree with to keep them watching. He often comes off as that insincere husband who agrees with his wife just to keep the peace... that being said, his opinion is irrelevant, since it's usually not his real opinion anyway....

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