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WineDineIL 02-08-2013 09:43 PM

Illinois Couple seeking Couple
Hi everyone!

We are a very happily married couple (with one kid) living in the Chicago suburbs. We both consider ourselves "bisexual" although I guess the more current, accurate word is pansexual. I feel like we have the potential to fall in love with the right person, regardless of how they identify. Anyway, we are looking to meet more open minded friends and maybe even develop a long term relationship. Our dream is to find another couple that we fit so well with that the friendship leading to romance is natural.

I know that finding two other people with which we are all compatible/attracted/etc could be a stretch but I truly believe it's possible! We've come close and recently I had my heart broken a bit by a couple who apparently changed their mind. We like the idea of a whole-family kind of relationship, so another pair of parents would be awesome. In theory, the idea of a group marriage sounds cool but probably not realistic.

Anybody else in Illinois that would like to make some friends? :p

KyleKat 02-09-2013 08:47 AM

My wife and I are from Illinois and are interested in dating another poly couple. Unfortunately, we are from Central Illinois. :/

It'd still be nice to have someone to talk to, though!

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