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soleilselene 02-06-2013 11:01 PM

Update on my situation
So my hookup, let's call him D, just really didn't work for a long term thing. He responds to my text days later and just claims he leaves his phone at home... Ok, fine I got over it. On to the next.

I had been chatting with guys on OkCupid and I was very apprehensive about it all since the other guys I had meet from there were mostly misses not hits. There was always something that bothered me, guess I was tooo picky. Well one of the guys, T, I wasn't paying much attention to mainly because he is a Christian. I really loath Christianity.

He is married and has an open marriage with his wife. They know about each other's secondary and such. Well I meet him at a coffee place and even though I didn't feel sexually attracted to him I decided to give it a try. He was a sweat heart and that won me over.

Well, we meet at his place yesterday and OMG, it was great. This boy knows what he is doing. I really enjoyed myself. Unlike D, he responds to my text and we spend every day texting back and forth. I really like him, he genuinely cares about me. Unlike D, who was basically throwing me out of his place after we were done.

Then there is M, we meet about 2 weeks ago. We really hit it off. We also meet at a coffee place and spent hours talking. I like him and just like with T there is something lacking in that first meeting. We agreed to get together and got to a Motel on the 15th. So we will see what happens then.

Both M and T know about each other and they know about what occurred with D. I do sometimes ask my husband things in a hypothetical way. He did tell me that if for some reason he learns of my relationships he would not leave me. That he loves me and he will always be here.

So that is it. I have a sexless open dadt marriage kinda poly thing going on.

learninginTN 02-20-2013 03:15 PM

I'm glad things clicked with you and T. Maybe it'll be the same with M. You may have two wonderful paramours! Life is good. I'm sorry your hubby is not quite willing to be totally on board, but who knows, maybe things will change if he sees you are happier and getting all your needs met. Maybe he will eventually see the benefit in being able to have open, honest communications with you about things.

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