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moongirl 02-06-2013 11:38 AM

UK-based F seeking to create MFM triad or vee
I posted something like this a little while ago, and got some initial good responses, but don't know how to delete the old post, so please excuse the repetition.

I'm a writer based in the SouthEast. I like the intensity of the city and escaping it for peace or adventuring. I am terrible at hula-hooping, and pretty good at making curry and marvellous at waffling for a couple of minutes before finally making sense :)

I am seeking two guys close to my own age (I'm 30), bi or straight, to explore tenderness and more with. You need to be happy with yourself (else how can we be happy with each other. Happy to hear from two friends / lovers, or from solo guys who equally desire a brother / lover third.

ManofDiscovery 02-06-2013 02:24 PM

Hi...I just joined today, and I'm not particularly near to you (I'm in the north west).

However...it would be cool to speak to someone from the UK who's similarly minded, and maybe even pick your brains a bit on all this.

If you see my intro thread, you'll see that I'm pretty much a newbie to the world of poly, so I'm looking for any insight that you wise folks have to point me in the right direction.

PS I love curry.

Utopian 02-15-2013 10:33 AM

Hey MG and MoD, I'm in SE London (Bexleyheath) in an open mf relationship. I know this doesn't fit with what you're looking for MG but I'm happy to chat with you both. Come and join my new group 'UK Poly'. It's not so much of a group as yet.

See you round.

PS. Curry is awesome.:eek:

twelvethreenine 02-17-2013 11:15 AM

Moongirl - I'm in In W London
but interested in joining either an FFM or an MMF. 38 years old, look much younger :), open marriage.

Would be curious to know what you write? I know quite a few writers and without a doubt if I thought I had talent, I would try to be a novelist...

And yes, I love curry too...

Rudy xx

AdrianRomfordEssexEngland 07-14-2013 12:43 AM

go to www.meetup.com
Adrian Hello U mite find what u are looking for on london polyamory metup it's held on the 3 or 4 every month , if there isen't a dating group for this type u can run your own & chare 1 to 5 once setup on www.meetup.com , it cost to advertis on meetup.cpm about 12:50p plus up to 20 maybe . all types of group on this website . have fun ? .:D

AdrianRomfordEssexEngland 09-09-2013 06:35 PM

Adrian Hello From Romford in Essex Uk
Adrian Hello , well I never & well never sleep around or talk to any one who wants NSA , I Live on my own , & want to be in a poly family , I would Have a STI Test if u want & if u would just like to be friend & get to know each other while U & i find out in time if theres a spark between U & I , and enjoy spending time together , I can travel , I am in a group on www.meetup.com we meet on every 3 or 4 of every month .


here is my facebook link


079 2574 9670 - 0208 215 0552

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