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Peakbagger 01-31-2013 06:34 PM

New arrival from Seattle!!
Hello passionate poly people!!! :)

We are a couple living in the Seattle area!

We have a somewhat extensive history (we think) in the poly lifestyle. A brief history: we started dating a girl from a foreign country back in 2008. It lasted just under two years, we would fly often to see her, and she did live here for some time too. It was quite educational, since we didn't even know what poly was until she introduced us to it (it was all actually kinda mutual, but the term was her finding) it ended, but was a valuable growth experience for us.

We ended up dating another girl relatively fast, and it was even better than before!! It was a whirlwind 6 months, but it crashed!! Our partners fears of societies acceptance, and the stigma that follows proved too much. We were shattered. <\3 :'(

It took us nearly a year and a half before we would even consider the poly life again. In a totally random occurrence we found a lesbian couple. Not that we intended to date them, just naturally women being women ;) a hook up occurred. However, this was not the same. The husband did not participate and it was not that jealousy was the issue, rather that the experience was separate from the whole. It was not love, just NSA. Which, does not exist for people who consider love the ultimate power. The wife did not feel she was growing with the husband, and the husband did not want to be a foreigner in the bedroom.

Acceptance of all is our top priority. In our past relationships, jealousy did not exist because equality was prevalent. He could do either, or not and both women could do what they wanted. All were comfortable with everything.

Recently we reunited with a past friend we lost touch with. She is amazing. And, years ago we knew she even dated a girl. So, we came out to her. No hidden agendas. For several months we made it a priority to spend our free time together. Skiing, dancing, going out, sushi the grand mountain life we already live, shared. We never came on to her, we are old school in our courtship. We we let her know, that we really actually liked her. She rejected us..... Yet, she still wants to be our best friend. It's hard. So, many of you here I am sure can empathize.

What we are about: we live the mountain lifestyle. Actively in pursuit of the path less travelled. We have over 2000 days skiing in the past 15 years, we backpack, rock climb, mountaineer, forage for wild food, grow our own food and have many friends. We are popular, known in many circles, and successful. We choose to never have children, rather we dedicate our life to the pursuit of adventure. Regular careers do not appeal to us, we would rather work less, and have more time to play. Thus far in our 35 years of life, and 18 years of great and loving relationship it has been one that will produce a series of books many would find inspiring. And all in all, our passion is to teach and inspire others to reach for their dreams. But, enough tooting of our horn. What we desire most, is to share this grand adventure with a special woman, one who loves without limits, embraces challenges as we do, loves the mountains as we do and wants the life less ordinary. Though, we are currently a single couple, we are in fact very much poly. We would write more, but today we are off to ski for our 33rd day of the 2012/13 season!! If you have questions, on what our dynamics of previous relationships were like, seek advise on current situations in your own relationships we can provide a gentle voice, a kind ear and a loving embrace. And, if you know any women who might seek two amazing mountain people, say hello for us!! :D

kdt26417 02-01-2013 12:42 AM

Hello Peakbagger,
Welcome to our forum.

You seem to have a lot of positive energy, and a good bit of poly experience already. I am sure you'll find the person you're looking for when the time is right. If you haven't been there already, you might want to visit our Dating & Friendships subforum; it might help.

I hope you enjoy your stay on our site, and I'm sure you'll be a good source of help for many people.

Kevin T.

Peakbagger 02-01-2013 01:19 AM

Thanks Kevin!!
We believe positivity is systemic! But it all starts one step at a time, but you can certainly go very far with it! :) your praise is much appreciate too. Let me say, the past couple days we have been on this site reading, and you and other senior members as well have really made some great strides in helping others. I praise your dedication and open heart!! It's wonderful!!

The biggest difference we can make, is in the nutriment of others :) keep it up!!

kdt26417 02-01-2013 03:50 AM

Thanks; glad to have you with us.

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