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MTmozat 10-07-2010 09:15 PM

Blog of MTmozat
Today was a wonderful day. Received a big promotion from work and now i'll be finally making six-figures!:) My hours will be a little longer but i'll still have more than enough time to spend with B and wife. Came home this morning and told them the new news and they were so happy for me that they picked me up, carried me upstairs to the bedroom, threw me down on the bed and did some unspeakable things to me.;) If you guys really want to know how could they actually pick me up, my wife is almost as tall is me (she's 6'4 and i'm 6'5) and is muscular, along with B, who is 6'5 and has a spectacular physique also. I'm the skinny one in the group. I know some of you are probably thinking my wife is a giant. LOL!!

For those who don't know my background:
Been married to my wife of ten years. I'm thirty-four and she's thirty-three. Two years ago my wife told me that she was interested in trying out poly and I happily agreed since I had the same interest but was afraid to tell her for fear of negative/violent reactions. We have been in a poly. relationship with B who is my wife's boyfriend, for a year. He's thirty-nine.

So as I was saying. After the session of hot celebration sex we decided to celebrate my promotion further by taking a little stroll to the Somerset Collection. When we arrived earlier I looked at the exterior and I was blown away. Mind you, i've never been to this mall before and it even has valet parking! How cool is that. I don't spend a lot of money but since i'm so happy today because of my promotion I decided to treat myself to a new pair of Moccasins from the Gucci store as B and my wife watched me. Later on we're going to eat at Honey Tree then catch a late movie tonight. We are currently in Louis Vuitton right now and i'm typing this from my phone. Will post later tonight about what's going on if i'm not too tired. Thank you for reading this.

MTmozat 10-08-2010 08:36 PM

So last night was REALLY fun. I was too tired to bother to post an update. After me, wife and B hung out at Somerset Collection we went to see the American. I can't wait to buy that movie on dvd. It was really great. Some didn't like it because it didn't involve a lot of dialogue but it was good to me though. I had to tell wife and B to be quiet because they love to comment on movies while they're playing, whether we're at home or wherever.:p They always tease me because of my fetish with government conspiracy theories, assassins/spies, covert operations, etc.:D

We came home around three o'clock, had sex, then slept. I'm not going back to work until next Tuesday so i'll use this extended weekend to spend more time with my wife and B. I'm currently in my house sitting here reminiscing when me and wife first met B at Sam's Club. I remember sitting in the car in the parking lot shaking like crazy and almost canceled the meeting. My wife had to calm me down and it took a while for me to regain my composure. Those feelings of excitement and nervousness had me in an incomprehensible state as he shook my wife's hand and gazed at her as if he wanted to eat her. I guess I should've noticed that he wanted me also when he was staring at me for an extended period.

Hopefully, we'll be going to Cedar Point this weekend as planned if wife can gain enough energy to get her tail out of bed.LOL!!

MTmozat 10-10-2010 04:13 PM

Feeling pretty good today. B will move in with us permanently. We're now
getting ready to head out to grab a bite to eat, then we're going to Borders so I can buy me a new spy novel (I love these books) to read when I want some solitude.:)

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