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openmarriagelove 10-05-2010 11:58 PM

I'm so frustrated
For the better part of our open marriage I've had the wrong goals in what I was looking for. I was more enjoying the new attention of quick, often relationships that wouldn't last. I've grown tired of it and have since changed my thinking to wanting to find someone who is more suitable to our non monogamous beliefs. It's hard!!! I'm finding in my area that most people who believe in polyamory are not my type. No offense, but I have found a lot to be very spritual, Wiccan, earthy, long hair, vegitarian types where I am more of a tough and rough, football loving, bald headed, manly man type. Four years and I have yet to find someone that has the same beliefs as my husband and I and can fit in our relationship and I'm starting to get so frustrated. So then I venture back to just dating the random men who have no desire what polyamory or an open marriage even mean, but are a fun time and that serves no good purpose other than to frustrate me. Ugh I'm just so frustrated I wanted to vent for a bit! Thanks for reading :)

redpepper 10-06-2010 12:31 AM

Weeeelll my friend, you are not alone and I seem to be doing fine :D My Mono is a military man... okay, he's not poly, but he at least is doing okay in a poly dynamic! Keep at it. There is someone for you... or someones.

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