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Livingmybestlife 09-30-2010 12:15 AM

It has been brought to my attention that I have failed to introduce myself.

I am the hinge to my husband and my boyfriend. My husband is mono and open to things. My boyfriend and I were friends and fell in love. My husband was aware I was poly, as I had a previous relationship with S. That relationship failed, as S. was consumed with bitterness toward life as he. I just couldn't take it any longer. I tried to support him and it didn't matter.

A, my BF lives in another state and his company has an office here. He is mono and feels oddly about the situation, however has adjusted. He doesn't want contact with my husband, but that's all good. My husband doesn't care about contact and actually is not interested in pursuing anything outside our relationship unless it is with me involved.

I have a child.

We do hit our bumps in the road. My husband and I work on our relationship. BF are a new relationship we started things in July. It is a rebound relationship on his part and for right now things are good. I know this is a quality not quanity relationship. So I am going to enjoy whatever time we have as it is amazing and he is amazing. I know he eventually wants a mono relationship and that is right for him. I can't be that person for multiple reasons. We have occasional bumps. BF can make me laugh like I have never laughed before and I smile when I see his name on my computer or phone or just see him. He came into my life when things were crazy in my FOO. Both husband and BF have totally supported me.

My child is unaware of A. Two of my friends are aware of my being poly. Both worry and feel things with A are going to far. To emotionally deep.
Husband is concerned with how deep A is into me as well. He thinks A hasn't been realistic about our relationship. However, A and I are clear on where we are on our path. We have discussed what to do when he moves on and how to adjust to being friends only. Weird, but I needed to know we would have a plan to be friends and would stay friends. This is different then with S
I am sorry, I never posted an introduction before. Yes, I am still in NRE with A. I know that he knows that, husband knows that.

vodkafan 10-01-2010 04:58 AM

Hi!! :D Better late than never

AutumnalTone 10-02-2010 09:36 PM

Welcome aboard.

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