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ico 09-27-2010 05:36 PM

<insert introductory greeting here>
Hi all -- I've been reading on here a little while, and decided to make the great leap into actually registering and posting. (gulp)

I'm fairly new to all this poly stuff, and in fact do not define myself as poly at all, but as being in a non-exclusive relationship with my boyfriend. He was the catalyst for this sea-change in how I look at relationships -- I had been strictly serially monogamous for 15 years, but in college I had an attitude to relationships which is closer to what I feel right now. My boyfriend, Q, is married, and he and his wife have an open relationship in which they both date and form relationships with other people, though she is currently only in a relationship with him. I have been dating other men during our time together, but I have decided recently that for the moment I prefer to be only with Q.

I'm my boyfriend's number one girl, and at last am comfortable with the idea that I am unlikely to be overthrown from this position despite the occasional dates he goes on with other women. His wife and I have not yet met (mostly due to logistical issues) but I am just about ready to make the acquaintance of the amazing woman he has been with for so long. I'm apprehensive, but I feel this is probably important to do (and a real sign of my commitment to him). He's happy with me dating other men, but I get the impression that he's secretly kind of pleased that I've decided to make him my only lover right now.:p I'm open to meeting another man who can fulfill me in the ways I know Q cannot; until that happens, it's all Q, all the time.

I'm not sure if I am a poly for life, or if this is specific to this relationship. But in the meantime I'm sure I'll be on asking for advice and support. So...hey!

ImaginaryIllusion 09-29-2010 06:02 AM

Welcome to the Forum

AutumnalTone 10-03-2010 06:11 PM

Welcome aboard.

Fidelia 10-03-2010 08:23 PM

:) Hey!

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