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LifesRogue 09-20-2010 03:41 PM

Our quad
I am a happily married woman, of which married more for the convience of society than to have a hubby, however my partner of which I call him, or rather hubby, is an amazing man than I am spiritually connected to on a high plane whom protects this very independent and free spirited wife of his.

About a year ago, I began to fall in love with my best friend, as I have always been physically attracted to woman and more spiritually attracted to men. Hubby and I have always known we had very open views, but it took some time in our early years to hash out the details of what we both expected and accepted of life. After beginning to fall for her, her own boyfriend and I became incredibly close.
The kicker is that in this instance, although she is incredibly beautiful, it was her innocence and spirituality that I was attracted to. We do not engage in sexual experiences regularly, she is my girlfriend as well however mainly, rather just general loving and caring embraces and support. We are very close and my husband is very close to her as well.

As of recently the more over two years that we began to experience life with this couple, my husband and I found what we had both always been looking for. An open minded, safe and pure loving couple that began as deep friends. We never went in searching for a relationship, just understanding we were open to the idea that people in this world are beautiful and that we will be physically and spiritually attracted to multiple ppl in this life in different ways.

What we have found is that over the last couple of months that our relationship has grown emensly to new levels.
Mentally and physically my new found boyfriend is everything that I could ever ask for in a partner. He and my husband are my wings and they both care for eachother on a platonic level more than I ever thought my very passive husband could about another human. My husband loves the woman in his life too very deeply, as both of us have found that each of our new puzzle pieces fills a gap in our life and souls that no one else can. We love eachother in the deepest, rawest, purest way and each incredibly unique to the person.

My husbands relationship w my best friend is not a sexual one, he loves an protects her like a knight protecting the innocence of a child. She needs this, she searched for a very long time for this because of the pain she has been though in life.

On the otherhand, me and my partner are engaged on a physical and mental level, that which neither of our other partners was able to fill in us.

We all four need eachother dearly and never faulter. The free spirits of us all and willingness to work through any situation knowing it has no other choice but to work, allows us to plan for the future and live in the moment.

I am excited to say however that my partner and I, my first male experience out aide of my hubby, had our first physically sexual experience recently and it was amazing the level of compassion and understanding that had filled the entire quad because of it. We laugh and say that we are the pillars of the quad and his girlfriend the glue, my hubby being the protector that will never let us break or faulter, always making sure the glue is strong.

I have never loved people more than I do these three. Our relationship is so unique and my new found partner is the flame to my spark of life. My hubby, the water. They balance eachother and without one, the other would not exist in serinity.

I have to thank my flame, my spark of life, for filling my life with hope and power again. You have filled that gap for me, where no one on this planet could.

As I looked deep into his amber eyes for the first time, I knew our lives would never be the same and that my life and soul would burn brighter because of him, as a Phoenix rising from the ashes from flame. And after looking into the innocence and beauty of her eyes, we knew my husband too had found sumthing he had searched for for year in her to protect and comfort where I, am too stubborn and indepent for him in that regard.

LifesRogue 09-22-2010 08:52 PM

I wanted to update this blog,

My quad has been changing and morphing so quickly. We are truely blessed for the dynamic that we share, as my husband and my girlfriend went on an amazing emotional journey this wkend. I am so proud of them! They found out just how they fit in eachothers lives, as for both of them, they come from very closed upbringings and although they want our quad more than anything, it has been difficult for both of them to find their own definition of what a relationship is between them. They only knew how much they love eachother and love me and her boyfriend as well.

We are all deeply in love with eachother and it's amazing to read some of Mono's post because I can relate to the idea that, I don't understand how I can be so blessed and feel so complete w them.

We had tried a 'v' previously. And although it didn't end poorly, it certainly was not fulfilling to both my husband and I nor was it actually a compliement to our relationships core. It wasn't the 'v' that caused it, it TRUeLy is the people you surround urself with.

Polly is based on building relationships with people you deeply love and care for on a level that no one else will understand.

My boyfriend and I talk constantly. I have found a kindred spirit in him and it is because of the open communication of our relationship and open eyes of all of us involved of how truely epically blessed and loved we are that it works.

We all see and know to the core, just how much none of us could survive on the same plane we do without eachother. We are truely better people scalar of the energy we share.

I have read it several times over on these forums: love takes work.

Love comes natural BUT love takes work to communicate sometimes. Love is a universal Language but we are all humans ontop of these loving spirits. It takes help and open eyes to understand things when our human nature doesn't translate our spiritual selves correctly.

Much love and peace to you all. My blessings.

MonoVCPHG 09-23-2010 01:57 AM

Nice post LifesRogue :) It's great to hear such positivity.

Hope you have lots more to share with us:D

LifesRogue 09-23-2010 03:12 PM

Thank you Mono :)

So I have to share!
We have has our unstated quad for a while now, however we made it official last night. After some beautiful tears from all of us, our glue, my beautiful blessed girl decided she knew exactly where she wanted to be in life with my husband and for what we see as the long hual together, we officially all became Polly partners for what consider life.
We are all so excited to know that my girl was the one that brought us together and changed all of our lives forever.

LifesRogue 09-23-2010 08:19 PM

Sorry for the poor grammar in that last post, teehee, teach me to update this on my phone.

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