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viviandarko 01-15-2013 11:18 PM

hello from MO!
My name is viv, at least thats what you may call me and my husband's name is "michael".
Mike and i have been married for 3 years, we are 21, and are new to poly. we want to find out as much as we can before looking. We have no children, i have had 3 miscarriages and havent been pregnant in 2 years so it isnt in the cards for us. mike and i have been through a lot of stuff, bad stuff and we are looking to change our lives the most that we can. we are planning on moving from missouri to alaska within the next year or two. just wanting to talk about and learn info on poly! thanks!

nancyfore 01-16-2013 12:52 AM


Hope this site helps.. I'm sure it will. I've had two miscarriages, couldn't have any more children so we went into foster care and adoption... total of 19 now..lol


viviandarko 01-16-2013 11:45 AM

Thanks. sorry about your loses. and lol thats a lot of babies! You are a lot stronger than i am, once i have them idk if i could give them back. we have thought about it though.

kdt26417 01-16-2013 04:50 PM

Hello Viv,
Welcome to our forum.

Sounds like you have some big changes on the horizon. You are wise to learn as much as you can about poly before diving in. Take advantage of the wealth of info on this site; we have a Golden Nuggets board for finding especially helpful threads.

Sorry to hear about those miscarriages, I can't imagine how difficult that is. I hope you and Mike get a new start on life as you prepare for your move to Alaska and your first adventures in polyamory! Let us know if we can help.

Kevin T.

viviandarko 01-16-2013 06:13 PM

Thank you kevin

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