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LaMure 01-15-2013 03:04 AM

Washington state explorers
Greetings! As my 1st post I'd like to start by saying what a great forum! I've read & been encouraged by many posts & stories, already I feel more supported & very appreciative.

Now the traditional 'about me/us' portion. I'm 37 & male. I have a wonderful primary partner who is 35 & female. We've been together for over a decade, more than half of which where we actively poly but separately. Due to a move to the country & an period of focusing on our primary relationship, we haven't been actively poly for around 3 years. Now we are loving life, secure in our foundation & feel the longing to open ourselves up to more emotional connections. We also feel like we are at a point now where we can be poly together, something that we are looking forward to with parts of excitement, curiosity, caution & of course, lots of open communication.

The traditional 'what we are looking for' portion. We aren't specific on formations, be they couples, singles, males or females. We are specific on heart, vibe, communication, honesty and all the good stuff that let relationships thrive! We tend to be attracted to free spirits, warm hearts, kind souls, hippies, homesteaders, socialists, anarchists, artists, travelers. We are fit & nutrition nerds & tend to be attracted to folks ranging from fit to pleasantly plump (especially good cooks :-).

Beyond that we are looking to make new friends! Open minded folks to swap stories, share support & add meaning & dimension to each others lives. Life is grand and we have a lot to give, to share, to dream about, so lets get to it! :-) Drop us a line to say hi. migslamure@gmail.com

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