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jb3310 09-10-2010 11:51 PM

Seeking Best Friend/Housemate - Sedona Arizona
We are a married couple, that spend 75% of our time apart. We get along fine but don't have much in common and my wife prefers a more independent lifestyle living out of state most of the time. I am hoping to find a single female to share my home and my life with.

My wife supports the idea of sharing our home with someone who is compatible and fun to be around.

I am 62, easy going and easy to be with, my wife is the same. I am semi-retired, day trading stocks and goofing off the rest of the time. My wife is an independent consultant.

If you're a single lady who might be interested in sharing our 4 bedroom, 3500 sq ft home, can afford to contribute financially to help pay the mtg, I would invite you to write to explore the possibilities.

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