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Juntas 01-09-2013 09:00 AM

Juntas's Story
Jen said I should blog so here goes, If you have followed her story you already know how we met and what has gone on in from her point of view.

If I am to begin this story I should start in 2009 when Jen and I separated for about a year. I took this really hard and blamed her for everything going south in the relationship. Certain guidelines we had in place were crossed on both sides but with both of us being Leos we were to proud to admit we were both at fault. So I had joined the Army and went to training we separated and I shipped out to Korea. I was a wreck, and started drinking very heavily, I would lie telling women whatever they needed to hear to get laid. I look back at this time and realize I was a drunken whore. Luckily I had some good buddies that offered me advice and realized that I was in a downward spiral. After a year of debauchery I finally decided to speak to Jen again. That conversation lasted 4 days, I didn't sleep, I ordered food and beverages for delivery. I returned in December 2010 to the US and everything felt right in my life for the first time in since what I like to call the dumb phase.

After that we have been fairly good, I try to be supportive of the relationships Jen has been in or is in. I will admit to being envious of her at times, this envy comes from me feeling like I will never find someone to be with besides her. I have difficulty finding women that are polyfidelous.

I will hopefully update this on a weekly basis, not sure will see how this goes.

Juntas 01-09-2013 09:30 AM

OK I just realized I should probably say something about the current situation with me and Jen and her cluster of relationships. I will start with the V gift situation, I am suspicious of his true intentions. I know that he says he just wants to be secondary but when you give a woman diamonds, even fake ones, it says you want more than what you have in the relationship. So I don't trust V. The big situation is R, now I like him and he is a cool person one of the best people I have had a beer with. While I say this, I don't and can't believe what he says. I feel like Jen and R have been down this road a thousand times and it always ends up the same way Jen sad and heartbroken and me picking up the pieces and putting them back together. As much as I support Jen going after this relationship, I am skeptical about the duration. If I remember correctly the longest they have successfully been more than "just friends" was while I was in Korea. So there is my thoughts.

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