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Senga 12-21-2012 09:26 PM

Hi :)
Im a 22 bisexual ie: pansexual (and obviously poly) woman. Pretty healthy, I live in Buffalo NY, I like playing music, traveling, being outdoors, League of Legends computer game, and all other great stuff about life; I pretty much like anything except eggplant, but I do like baba ganoush, so I guess I am just a paradoxical girl. ;) Which reminds me of one of my favorite qoutes: "The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well." -Alfred Adler. I could ramble on here, but nobody cares about such details at first... :)

I would like facebook to give me the option to be "artist" instead of choosing a "relationship status".
I eschew the idea of possessing people. if you don't, please, go away.
I date multiple people...wanna be one of those people? I would like to know if you do :)
(wanna date my partners?? AW HELL NAW...just kidding, sure, lets share) :)

I guess the internet is the most probable way of finding something real these days since I don't party much, and heck, it seems like I'm always online, haha.

I have experience with polyamorous style relationships. I've done my research, and Im glad about where my journey through life has taken me so far. Im a pretty happy person. I also have experience and sense. (yeah I know, this has to be said cause not everyone's got it, bleh) I know what I want.

(I do not want swinging or casual one night stand encounters, let that be clear. There is a difference between a threesome and a LTR triad, and it is really easy for me to determine motives so don't bother, im not that good in bed anywayz ;) ;). if you like casual sex to be your main goal in life, also, please, go away. no offense to any swingers, I've just been there done that twice and it was really fun and now im not looking for it for some reason, call me a romantic or what have you, i don't care. :)

jandc7878 02-26-2013 12:13 PM

Hi , we are new here !
We are looking for the right woman to join us we are a normal married couple.
We are 34 and live in NH , we like fishing. Camping and just relaxing and enjoying life. Feel free to write us back

JDBinshadows 05-16-2013 07:46 PM

Breath of fresh air!
I loved reading your introduction! I have been somewhat lurking and reading as I am really dealing with "real life" issues before trying to embrace a lifestyle that could possibly ruin the relationship I am in. Dabbling is dangerous I have learned so I am inspired by your postings to try and delve a little bit more confidently. My partner, I feel, is somewhat reluctant to even give the poly lifestyle a second look, but I am trying to be true to who I know I am. Perhaps it is just a learning curve on her part?

I love your Facebook want... "artist".:) Personally I do not have an account nor do I care for much social networking except for professional ones such as LinkdIn (I own and operate 2 businesses).

Would love to write more and get to know you more, the long distance between us of course implies that that is all I am able to do, but I would love to glean wisdom, information, and possibly insight to polyarmoy and what you know it to be.


xotheladyxo 07-02-2013 03:30 PM

Lovely introduction :) Too bad you don't like eggplant though, that just so happens to be my favorite food.

My husband and I will eventually be looking for a LTR triad. I have some experience with poly, but husband doesn't have any. We have been discussing adding another woman to our family for a while now and we are still a ways off from actually doing it, but we are very open to start talking to people and exploring our interests. If you'd like to say hello, please send us a message. I am 21 and my husband is 22 and we are about 2-3 hours east of Buffalo.

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