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fleurisseur 08-22-2010 03:36 PM

suggestions to find/meet a new "poly" lover

Some of us, men/women, would be pleased to find/meet a new "poly" lover.

I open this threat to "increase your chances"

Say first who/where you are" (main style/behavior)
... and don't "over dream"...

Say what you may offer
... and don't "over load"...

Say what you need
... and remain modest, although intense (sell a little bit...)

And come again to search the results and jump, start the contact.

Good lick.. hu ??? luck !!

NeonKaos 08-22-2010 03:49 PM

This thread has been locked by the administrators.
There is already a section on this forum for personal ads and "people seeking people". Please use that area for posts of this nature.

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