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vampiresscammy 06-10-2009 08:41 PM

Anyone else in Michigan?
just wanting to meet up, hang out with, get to know other poly folks in the area.

keep meaning to check out the local poly meet ups, keep forgetting and get busy and yada yada yada, you know how it is.

or anyone not to far who doesn't mind traveling. have one daughter at home whom doesnt like to travel, so really not able to go outta state much.

just wanting to make more poly friends really, good thoughts and good vibes to you and yours.

foxflame88 06-28-2009 07:08 AM

I don't live in Michigan now, but it is "home" to me, and I travel back once-twice every year. Nice to "meet" you!

digitaldream 06-29-2009 09:34 PM

We are in north central Indiana. We are about 30 minutes from Niles, MI

Dixsean 08-01-2009 06:50 PM

I am a new single black male looking into meeting people in Michigan as well. I am in Southeastern Oakland County around Royal Oak and Ferndale

aussielover 08-01-2009 07:37 PM

I'm in Ontario Canada, not that far from Michigan (about an hour from Port Huron)
I used to live down there actually in St. Clair Shores...
But I'll be moving to Austrialia very soon.

What part of the state are you in?

Dixsean 08-02-2009 06:06 PM

ontario Aussie
Ferndale not far from St.Clair Shores

WrmHrtdDaddy 08-22-2009 02:36 PM

Michigan has much to offer depending on your area
Here's a group in Ann Arbor, MI

[EDIT 2011/04/21: Ann Arbor Group no longer meeting.]

Here is another group from Grand Rapids area:

So far we've rarely done a daytime thing. Usually we meet on a weekend night. Seems like a lot of people, kids or not, work during the week. This is not true of me, unfortunately, so it has been difficult to schedule sometimes.

I think I was planning to try for the evening of the 21st this time around. But I'm open to attempting a daytime gathering after Labor Day as well. Then we get the best of both worlds. I also know that some have discussed kid friendly meetings too. Anyone up for a picnic at a park sometime?

What say the rest of the crowd?

Rich GRPoly@yahoogroups.com

They had a meeting last week and had some great input you may like to see also:

Hey all!

Last night at our wonderful meeting, I was asked to email out links for sources about Polyamory, especially dating sites.

Here's the list I composed right now...if you have others, be sure to respond so that others can benefit! :)

Best comprehensive poly guide online: http://xeromag. com/fvpoly. html
Also the poly links page that Franklin compiled - include a couple of links I would have posted, like polymatchmaker. com, as well as a full list of all the books we talked about last night!: http://xeromag. com/fvpolylinks. html

Dating sites not listed at xeromag:
www.okcupid. com (this has a mix of people on it that are poly or not, but it's very poly friendly and free)
www.lovemany. com (I haven't used this, but I've heard good things....it' s newer so the more people who join it and get others to join, the wider the network becomes!)

As I said, this is a quick list, feel free to add more if you'd like!


foxflame88 03-13-2010 10:35 PM

I just moved back to Michigan. YAY!

WrmHrtdDaddy 03-13-2010 11:09 PM

Welcome back!
Did you bring any jobs with you? hehehehe

What part of Michigan are you from?

West Michigan - Muskegon here.

Are you a lone poly or in a poly family?

foxflame88 03-13-2010 11:24 PM

I live in the Detroit area now, but I've lived all over the state over the years. i didn't bring any jobs with me, but I am having better luck finding work here than I did in south Georgia.

I am somewhere between poly single and a poly family. I have three boyfriends, one lives with me and two are out of state. I'm looking to find a local group of poly-minded friends to meet up with.

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