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ImaginaryIllusion 08-14-2010 02:23 AM

New B.C. family law / three parents?
A couple of interesting articles that might be of interest to Poly's in BC.

B.C. to revolutionize Family Relations Act, revise legal definition of 'parent'
By Jonathan Fowlie, Vancouver Sun July 19, 2010

New B.C. family law could legalize having three parents
Family Relations Act changes definition of who can be legal guardian
By Todd Coyne, Vancouver Sun July 19, 2010

The Family Law Act White Paper is here and open to comment until 8th October, 2010

Tonberry 08-23-2010 02:24 AM


the new law would allow for more than two legal parents to be named

“If these changes are accepted, it will enshrine the legal concept that there can be more than two parents [in a family] and that is groundbreaking."
Interesting. Would need to see on what criteria, though. The second article focuses on "same sex partners + biological opposite sex parent", and that just wouldn't work for many poly families. But if it passes it would definitely be a step in the right direction for poly parent rights. At the very least, it would give an argument against taking children away if, even in different circumstances, more than two parents is a legally recognized option.

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