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wdaw8ke 12-07-2012 02:25 PM

Letting go of outcomes
In a day where our society is so conditioned to the "drive thru" lifestyle, meaning instant gratification, I have found it much better to live and let live. My first poly relationship for 8 months now with a wonderful man who excites, entices and enhances my world in so many ways. We are soul mates and have an understanding of each others needs and communicate effectively.
He does not keep anything from me, even all of the potential partners he emails on OKC, he shares with me.
We live in the present and truly believe we are the luckiest to have found in each other a sense of true being - trust, love, adventure, hopes, dreams, even addressing the fears of losing one another.
Together we have learned that in the long run, no matter what comes of our relationship, we have shared such and intimacy of honesty that whatever journey we are on, we embrace the purpose of it because if we stay in the moment then - there we are!
We don't look for reasons to be together we are drawn to each other. I support his "love of the chase" and the NRE aftermath! makes for great foreplay! I love that he so excited to find dates all the while looking for that women who will compliment our dream to become a family through a triad or even a quad.
We are taking things as the come, and not trying to control the outcome. What will be - will be!
We are moving forward and truly blessed

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