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wdaw8ke 12-06-2012 02:08 PM

Well Hello There!
Good Morning!
I have been divorced a year and am the happiest in my life! I love to travel, paddleboard, play tennis, hike, dance the night away, eat well, exercise my brain and body. I have a love of music - any kind, I am curious to Kink, - went to the Armory in SanFran -(erotic) I love the beach (especially nude ones). I am embarking on a new journey which involves self experimentation, awareness and learning to love myself, be vulnerable and allow myself to let go of outcomes and just let what will be - be!
I am looking for like-minded individuals to befriend as I embark on this new chapter in my life who can understand the complexities involved in poly.
I have been to my local poly support group - not much going on there, but have gained a little info.
When I first met my boyfriend 8 months ago, he was in a 5 year relationship with a women he loved but was not "emotionally attracted"to. He and I hit it off very quickly and he described the poly lifestyle to me. After 26 years and 4 children later, two failed marriages of which the second was filled with trust and deceit issues, I was, as my bf would put it easily "recruited" to the poly lifestyle.
After 3 months of dating, my bf introduced me to his long-time gf. We began a triad, where we traded off time with him. This evolved into spending weekends together, where most of them were wildly fun and awesome adventures - we walked to the sun and back on a nudist beach one day, were caught in a hailstorm, and survived!
Since we formed the triad - his gf was extremely jealous and had a very difficult time even though she had known about my bf's former gf's i was the first one he introduced to her, but I was different. Although I saw the amount of love and respect my bf showered her with, she declared that he loved me more than her, wanted to have what we had, and regardless of how I witnessed him profess his love to her, she was not able to emotionally deal with our relationship. I felt like the new puppy he brought home, and she was not as excited to meet me as he was to have me there. We tolerated each other, had some great times, but ultimateley, we broke apart. I am not bi, she was.
He has committed to me, we are soulmates, kindrid spirits - when we are together we get lost in the universe! We spend every day/night together, when we are not at work. We have traveled together and now he is going on his first date with a new gf. I am confident things will go well for him, and he is going to introduce Poly to her as well.
I support our relationship and hope he can find that someone who can fulfill that "chase' for him.
I think this is enough intro - I am looking forward to participating in this community.
BTW - my 4 adult children know I am in a poly relationship - have met his last gf and she was included in all family functions. My Sister also knows as well as a handful of my co-workers. His children also know about the poly as well as some of his coworkers.

kdt26417 12-06-2012 10:27 PM

Greetings wdaw8ke,
Welcome to our forum.

It sounds like you have settled happily into the poly lovestyle (despite some bumps on the road). It's great to have you onboard; I'm sure you will find many new friends here, and have many chances to read and converse.

I am glad for you for this exciting time in your life. Polyamory opens up so many possibilities. Hope you enjoy your stay here!

Kevin T.

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