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new2vegaspolycouple 08-09-2010 02:43 AM

Here to Introduce ourselves from Las Vegas
Hello Vegas poly people. We aren't your typical "Vegas" people. We are pretty new to this town, and much more into tame, laid back activities. While we are mostly looking for a 3rd (female) to complete our triad, friends in this really strange town, is never a bad thing. We have had several longer term triad relationships with some amazing women over the past 5 years who "got it", they just didn't get it for as long as we would have liked. We ideally want to find our 3rd, equal, best friend and lover to us both. Someone who has had a similar unique upbringing, philosophies toward love and life, and understands and supports our way of life. I'm 29, bi-sexual, my guy is 30, straight, and we enjoy in and out of the bedroom activities together with our 3rd. Any ladies in Vegas curious about the lifestyle, have questions, want to talk about it with us? We have had LOTS of experiences as a triad, and can help those who want to be part of that life understand and explore. We offer unconditional, emotional, physical, sexual love and attention and an environment that allows you to be you and grow with us.

Hope to hear from some of you.

kisses CJ and Anthony

rpcrazy 08-14-2010 06:07 AM

this isn't a reply to your ad or anything but I've been down the "we want a third" path and I would just to extend my help as a local in vegas. I know of alot of the swinger joints you can go too, and can maybe provide some advice as to where you can go around town to meet other women who might be friendly to the idea(which is alot in regards to sex, but not relationships)

Anyways, happy hunting and good luck to you

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