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maryjames2730 12-02-2012 10:40 PM

New from Austin... where are all the poly's?

We are a couple that has been in the swinging lifestyle for a little less than a year and we have decided that it isn't what we are looking for. She is 28 and he is 31. Everytime we find a couple we consider a possibility, they wanna jump in the sack and we want more. We have talked about poly and both agree that this is what we are missing. We are strong in our relationship and are looking to meet up with like minded people and people we could possibly start a triad or quad with. We are from Austin and havent had the best at finding poly people. I know that there is a Poly group here and we have joined the yahoo group. Are there any poly people from Austin on here? Any suggestions on where to find poly people?


kdt26417 12-04-2012 05:59 AM

Hi maryjames,
Welcome to our forum.

All's I can tell you is the following links:


That last link is our own Dating & Friendships subforum on this site. As for OKCupid, the idea is to write up a personal profile that clearly states you're interested in a poly relationship. OKC is pretty poly-friendly, and a lot of people have had good luck there, though not all.

I'm pretty sure Austin has a large poly population, but I don't know how organized they are (as far as get-togethers and that). You'll have to do some research. Try googling "Austin polyamory" and see what might come up. You could even try a search (or tag search) on Polyamory.com for the word "Austin."

Good luck in your searches, and I hope you'll have a look around here on Polyamory.com and see what threads and ideas call to you.

Kevin T.

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