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uniquecreator 08-07-2010 03:02 AM

Embracing the new life of love- new here!
So i am new here and so's my wife ashylove!
We've had feelings of this polyamory lifestyle but knew not of how to embrace.
We have had things in the past that helped us consider what we feel is right!
Currently she has a LDR, whilst i still am looking w/ little success.
She already has exclaimed why that is but i am hopeful that there is someone out there who will match me perfectly.
I'm sure that there are many of you would understand us and we feel very comfortable knowing that.
plus from time-to-time we'll have questions. So any input would help no matter how small.
It's nice to feel welcome somewhere, as we are very scared to even mention this to anyone else....namely family!

Ariakas 08-07-2010 04:13 PM

Welcome to the forum. I recommend searching the forums, there is a lot of information on how to find a poly mate.

This forum, traditionally is not a great way to find people, but there is a section at the bottom of the forums for finding people.

Beyond that, welcome


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