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riftara 12-01-2012 07:24 AM

Relating to the kids
My boyfriend of two months, V, has three daughters, two ex-step-daughters that he is very involved in their lives and one bio daughter that he sees almost daily. He's been divorced for awhile now.

He is cautious (understandably) about integrating me into his daughter's lives, especially his youngest, his bio daughter.

He has her tonight or I would have spent the night with him. We are to that point, but we both know that his daughter isnt.

How do I relate to an 11 yr old little girl? How do I assure her that I have no intention of either stealing her father nor of hurting him? She is very mature and worries about her dad's happiness and future. Before we got together, she would make comments that he needed someone in his life, so he didnt grow old alone. How do I assure her and build a relationship with her? I do see her occasionally, but I dont want her to feel like she has to be around me, so I have bowed out of a few occasions out of respect.

I did invite her over to play a video game that we both really enjoy, I'm waiting for her to accept the offer.

Any hint or tips from those who have been there?

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