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elizabethannv 08-02-2010 10:07 PM

Greetngs from Dallas Tx
Hi. Im Elizabeth V. I live in Dallas Tx,Im 43 and am obese. I have a guyfriend that I date once a week but we are only friends. He dates other people and has many girlfriends. I made an arrangement in the beginning to see only him because only that I have problems with obesity and have been to tired to date other people. However in the past months my weight has dropped from 366 to 324, Im working out now and feeling better.So sense he doesnt mind if I see other poeple Id like to see if there are any friends in the Dallas area seeking friendship.Im only seeking friendship for now with either a guyfriend or both guy and woman friend. Ive never dated a woman before however I am somewhat bicurious.I dont want to get into a physical relationship now, perhaps in the future but not now.

In the past I did have a guyfriend once who had a girlfrend, I was only friends with them nothing else. I had a big crush on both of them and we just all stayed frends but because I enjoyed flattering them alot they got much out of it as well as me.

I enjoyed having a crush onmy friends and treating them like a celebrety.

If your in North Texas and are interested please write me , thanks Elizabeth.

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