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Rex47 11-29-2012 11:09 PM

M/F Couple in Utah seeking M, F, or Couple
Hello folks!

We are a gentle, loving couple of 11 years, experienced "veterans" of the polyfidelitous lifestyle. We are:

"B" - 45 YO Male White Heterosexual
"H" - 54 YO Female White Bisexual, but predominantly Heterosexual

We live in the Southern Utah/Northern Arizona Area in a conservative small town. We are NOT affiliated in any way with the Colorado City/Hildale polygamist communities or their beliefs.

We are looking for fellow polyamorous people in the area, for friendship, dating, and possible polyfidelitous long term relationship with no "outside" or "secondary" relationships. We are not willing to relocate to a different part of the country.

We are Atheists, but with strong spiritual connection to nature in the Shinto/Buddhist/Native American traditions. We do not discriminate or hate theists, so long as they don't push their beliefs on us or want to talk about it all the time.

We are politically Libertarian/conservative/capitalist - we are not socialist or collectivist in any way, shape, or form. Looking for like-minded people in this respect - we are caring, sharing, giving people - but we believe this should be VOLUNTARY, not forced by government at gunpoint. Live and let live, treat us with respect and we will behave likewise. We hate war, conflict, coercion, and most other forms of negative human drama.

We are poor, so if you're looking for a meal ticket, financial security golddigging, or people to live the "extravagant good life" with, kindly look elsewhere. We believe in simplicity, and the things that we own emphasize quality over quantity. We strive for self-sufficiency and independance from social systems and control. We have no debt or big monthly bills.

We are fairly good looking, not fat or ugly, but not glamour models either. We try to stay in shape and eat right, but we don't obsess about it and we're not fitness freaks or health nuts. We have high standards of hygene, we brush and bathe regularly and wear clean clothes. We eat meat, we are not vegans or vegetarians and won't "convert" to those dietary lifestyles. We avoid fluoride, artificial sweeteners, and pharmaceutical drugs. We don't have pets, but wouldn't object to our partner(s) having them, so long as the pets live and stay outside the home.

What we like:

Hot tubs and hot springs/seeps
Music of all kinds
Cooking ("B")
Good movies (not popular Hollywood garbage)
Gardening ("H")
Livestock (chickens, horses, goats)
Healing, herbs, tribal sweats, massage
Keeping busy, being productive and creative
Rational, communicative, gentle, honest, reasonable, "cool, calm, and collected" people

What we do NOT like:

Smoking, other than rare pipe or cigar as celebration, etc.
Drugs of any kind, though we might be OK with occasional weed - but we won't be joining you for it... we don't smoke it.
Alcohol, other than a rare glass of wine as celebration, etc. ("H" only, "B" never drinks)
Television - we can't stand it!
People who talk just to hear themselves talk, with nothing real to say
Authoritarians, power trippers, ambitious meddlers, and political game players
Sports, other than outdoor sports WE are doing, not watching someone else do
Gossip, interpersonal drama, backstabbing, clique or "in crowd" behavior
Gambling or other "something for nothing" related activities
Flashy, showoff, bigmouth shmarmy self aggrandizing blowhard attention seekers
"Polyamorist" people who are only after sex and/or financial security

What we are seeking:

We want to find a single male or female individual, or a couple for friendship and platonic dating, with the long-term goal of eventually joining us as a family if we all turn out to be compatible. We would prefer to find an individual interested in forming a menages a trois, but if the right couple was found we might be interested in a quad household. If we end up joining with an individual, there is a REMOTE chance we might be willing to expand the family to 4 in the future, if the right person came along, but we would NOT be interested in a MFFF or FMMM Quad as the outcome of this, only MMFF. We are NOT interested in primary/secondary/tertiary nonsense - if we all get together it will be as equals in a mutually respectful, egalitarian, supportive family setting, best friends and lovers without a boss or heirarchy. We are NOT after a commune, pooling financial and material resources toward some venture, or any kind of "cult" or co-op mentality. We are not "save the planet" types or interested in coming together for any "causes" or social justice activism.

We are far more interested in romance, loving kindness, hugs and snuggling, and affectionate companionship than we are in sex. We both have relatively low sex drives, but we are not asexual or against sex in any way. We love group sex when in the mood, as well as traditional one-on-one intimacy. We would want whoever we end up with to be comfortable with both, and not sexually hung up or ashamed. We are looking for someone(s) who is not prone to jealousy, drama, insecurity, or head games in bed. We are fairly conservative sexually, other than group sex we are not interested in any crazy fetish stuff, BDSM, swinging, etc. Just "boring" vanilla love making for the most part... if you're looking for screaming sexual adventures and kink, look elsewhere. "H" is bisexual, but with strong heterosexual preferences. However, she could love a woman if she were the right one. "B" is 100% heterosexual, and completely uninterested in any romantic/sexual relationship with other men. We are not married, never will be, and we won't marry you.

Our long-term goal and dream is to form a family of (preferably) 3, or (if the right couple) 4 people. We are not interested in birthing or raising children, although we would probably not turn down a prospective mate(s) if he/she/they already had reasonably well-behaved non-infant children they were raising. We want our family to be close, and fidelitous to each other without outside romantic or sexual relationships. We want our family to live together, and last as long as possible, and happily grow old together if possible. We want to share love, life, and experience the good things of the earth with each other. You know... the old fairytale that so many people want, but few ever achieve. Hey - it's our dream, and we're not about to give up on it just because the odds are against us and people say it's impossible! :)

If you haven't run away screaming yet after reading all this, drop us a message. Who knows - maybe happiness and polyamorous joy await us!


NovemberRain 11-30-2012 02:56 AM

That's a lovely ad. :) Wishing you great luck in your search.

Rex47 11-30-2012 03:36 AM


Originally Posted by NovemberRain (Post 169403)
That's a lovely ad. :) Wishing you great luck in your search.

Thank you! I'm still wondering if we're crazy for running it...
Oh well - nothing ventured, nothing gained! :)

Rex47 12-18-2012 11:58 PM

Bump to toppish.

Rex47 03-22-2013 09:10 PM


Rex47 04-18-2013 11:47 PM


Nobody in Southern Utah/Northern Arizona interested in extended family? :confused:

Natja 04-19-2013 07:34 AM


Originally Posted by Rex47 (Post 197996)

Nobody in Southern Utah/Northern Arizona interested in extended family? :confused:

Well recall you are asking for exclusivity also, a lot of people simply do not want to be Poly-fi, it will narrow your field considerably, even if some would consider it, they might not like the fact that it is imposed.
Also you seem to have a lot of negatives around typically liberal ideals as well and there are a fair amount of old and young hippies around here ;)

So be prepared for the long haul and look around locally too.

Good Luck,

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