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brocco 11-27-2012 03:46 PM

unintended sadness
I am married and in an open relationship (fff), and this is my first really real open relationship. my wife and I have a wonderful partnership, and we also are dating someone amazing, we have been seeing her about 4 months. its going really great. We are all clear we do not wish to form a triad, and we do not want to be girlfriends with this other person. every time we have a date, after the date, i go through about 4 hours of what feels like grieving, uncontrollable crying, deep sadness...and I dont know why, or what its about. I have explored and asked myself if i want something more, or if i need something more from my partners...and I am sure that I don't...but for some reason I am always really sad after we say goodbye to our third for the week. i just dont know what its about. does anyone have any thoughts about this? does this happen to anyone else? advice?

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