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Ariakas 07-30-2010 05:22 PM

Non-monogamy on CNN


Justbeloving 08-16-2010 06:57 PM

I wonder if this guy is poly.

Athena 08-16-2010 07:05 PM

Ok, makes a lot of assumptions about our pre-historic past, including that all agricultural groups must be male dominated jerks and all foragers are marvelous sharing and free-love types. However, I do think, that if you feel close enough to another human being you are capable of sharing a spouse or spouses with that person (and it does not mean that every single member of such a polygamous marriage is sleeping with every other member).

Justbeloving 08-16-2010 07:51 PM

Precisely Athena!!!! That was my first thought...assumes much and seems to make himself an authority when clearly he is not!!

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